Chia Wei (Wade) Hsu

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Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering-Electrophysics (Starting Fall 2019)


  • 2015, Doctoral Degree, Physics, Harvard University
  • 2010, Bachelor's Degree, Physics, Wesleyan University


Wade Hsu will join the USC Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering as an Assistant Professor in August 2019. He received his B.A. (with high honors) in physics and mathematics from Wesleyan University, then carried out his Ph.D. work at Harvard University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow in applied physics at Yale University until he moves to USC in summer 2019.

Dr. Hsu has co-authored over 40 journal papers published (including multiple in Nature and Science) or under review, with over 1500 citations and an h-index of 20. He holds 4 granted US patents and 1 pending application, and is serving as a research advisor for a start-up company Lux Labs. His work has been featured in scientific magazines and the media such as Nature, Scientific American, Physics Today, BBC News, Huffington Post, and CNET.

Research Summary

Dr. Hsu works on photonics in complex systems. He particularly enjoys studies that are rich in physics and have promising applications at the same time. He has pioneered new ways to confine light in nanophotonic structures and to control wave propagation in scattering media, as well as inventing transparent displays based on resonant scattering.

His group employs a combination of experimental, numerical, and analytical techniques. Experimentally, the main tools include wavefront shaping with spatial light modulators (used to synthesize customized light fields with arbitrary profiles) and nanofabrication (where photonic structures with tailored properties are designed and fabricated). These tools provide numerous degrees of freedom for pushing the limit of what light can do. On the theory side, his group performs (and sometimes develops) large-scale simulations in both frequency and time domains, as well as a variety of analytical treatments such as coupled-mode theory, random matrix theory, and advanced diagrammatic calculations.

Current interests include wave propagation in disordered media and multimode fibers, computational imaging, bound states in the continuum, non-Hermitian photonics, topological photonics, optical computing, photonic crystals, plasmonics, metamaterials and metasurfaces, and computational electromagnetics.


  • 2017 Blavatnik Regional Award for Young Scientists Finalist
  • 2011 Taiwan Ministry of Education Study Abroad Scholarship
  • 2010 Harvard University Purcell Fellowship
  • 2010 American Physical Society LeRoy Apker Award
  • 2010 Wesleyan University Bertman Prize (2010), Graham Prize (2010), Juan Roura-Parella Prize (2010), Weller Prize (2009), Karl Van Dyke Prize (2009 & 2008), Johnston Prize (2007)
  • 2006 Wesleyan University Freeman Scholarship
  • Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Electrophysics

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