CENG People

Murali Annavaram
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2001. Computer architecture, 3D stacking, mobiquitous computing.
Phone: (213) 740-3299
Office: EEB 232

Peter A. Beerel
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1994. Design, synthesis, analysis, and formal verification of mixed asynchronous and synchronous architectures.
Phone: (213) 740-4481
Office: EEB 350

Paul Bogdan
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, 2011. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Phone: (213) 821-5720
Office: EEB 304

Melvin A. Breuer
Professor, Charles Lee Powell Chair in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Ph.D., UC, Berkeley, 1965. Computer-aided design for digital systems, design-for-test, built-in self-test, and VLSI circuits.
Phone: (213) 740-4469
Office: EEB 300C

Young Cho
Research Assistant Professor
ISI Marina del Rey

Stephen P. Crago
Research Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, USC 1998
Phone: 703-812-3729
ISI Arlington

Jeffrey (Jeff) Draper
Project Leader/Research Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Texas, 1993. Computer Engineering
Phone: (310) 448-8750
ISI Marina del Rey

Michel Dubois
Professor; Ph.D., Purdue, 1982. Computer architecture, microarchitecture, memory systems, multiprocessor architectures, server design, performance evaluation of computer architecture.
Phone: (213) 740-4475
Office:  EEB 228

Sandeep K. Gupta
Professor; Ph.D., U of. Massachusetts, Amherst, 1991. Design for testability, test, and validation of high speed systems.
Phone: (213) 740-2251
Office:  EEB 336

Kai Hwang
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Ph.D., UC, Berkeley, 1972. Parallel/cluster/grid/distributed computing, scalable computer architecture, intranet and internet security, benchmarl experiments, metacomputing and supercomputing systems and their applications.
Phone: (213) 740-4470
Office:  EEB 212

Rahul Jain
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Industrial and Systems Engineering; Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2004. Communication Networks; Network Economics and Game Theory; Stochastic Control and Learning.
Phone: (213) 740-2246
Office:  EEB 328

Bhaskar Krishnamachari
Associate Professor, Ming Hsieh Faculty Fellow in Electrical Engineering; PhD, Cornell University, 2002. Analysis and design of wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks.
Phone: 213-821-2528
Office:  RTH 410

Shahin Nazarian
Lecturer; Ph.D., USC, 2006. VLSI design, Computer-aided design.
Phone: 213-740-4653
Office:  EEB 340

Alice C. Parker
Professor; Ph.D., North Carolina State, 1975. Biomimetic Real-Time Cortex, neuromorphic circuits, bionanotechnology, artificial retina, carbon nanotube neural circuits.
Phone: (213) 740-4476
Office:  EEB 348

Massoud Pedram
Professor; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1991. Low power electronics; Power-aware computing and communication; Smart battery systems; Noise analysis and control; Integrated logical and physical design.
Phone: (213) 740-4458
Office:  EEB 344

Timothy M. Pinkston
Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1993. High performance communication in parallel processing systems.
Phone: (213) 740-4482
Office:  EEB 208

Viktor K Prasanna
Charles Lee Powell Chair in Engineering, Professor; Ph.D., Penn State, 1983. Parallel and distributed systems, embedded systems, configurable architectures, high performance computing
Phone: (213) 740-4483
Office:  EEB 200

Konstantinos Psounis
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Stanford University, 2002. Modelling, design, and performance analysis of computer networks, sensor and mobile systems, and the web. Design of methods and algorithms to solve problems related to such systems.
Phone: 213-740-4453
Office:  RTH 409

Gandhi Puvvada
Professor of Engineering Practice; Director of Instructional Laboratories; M.S., University of Houston, 1987.
Phone: (213) 740-4461
Office:  EEB 238

Xuehai Qian
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering; Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2013. Multicore and parallel computer architecture. Architectural support for programming productivity. Debugging support for large-scale HPC and distributed applications.
Phone: (213) 740-4459
Office:  EEB 204

Cauligi S. Raghavendra
Vice Dean for Global Academic Initiatives; USC Viterbi School of Engineering; Ph.D., UCLA, 1982. Parallel and distributed computing, routing, multicasting, and QoS in computer networks, energy efficient protocols for wireless and sensor networks, and active networks.
Phone: (213) 740-9133
Office:  EEB 216

Mark William Redekopp
Associate Professor of Engineering Practice; M.S., USC, 2001. Reconfigurable computing, high-performance computing, digital logic design and computer organization.
Phone: (213) 740-6006
Office:  EEB 222

John A Silvester
Professor; Ph.D., UCLA, 1980. Design and analysis of communication networks.

Phone: (213) 740-9730
Office:  EEB 240