Supported Seminars

The Ming Hsieh Institute continues to provide support for the below innovative seminar series that show continued success by positive attendance and collaborations. These series target high quality academia and industry speakers that present the latest ground breaking research in their related field.

In addition to well established seminars, the current scholars developed the Ph.D. Student Seminar Series in fall 2012 to improve and foster a tight-knit community among electrical engineering students. The ultimate goal for the seminar series is to establish new student-level collaborations among different research groups in the department. Students benefit by giving talks to a broad audience which train them for job interviews, qualifying exams and other research talks.


Upcoming Seminars


2016-2017 MHI Sponsor Seminars

This series is a weekly seminar that brings together faculty and students in communications, networks and controls. One of the primary goals of the series is to expose students to the work taking place in other areas of engineering.

2016-17 Number of speakers: 23

2016-17 Budget: $10,000

This series offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the cutting-edge research and development in the computer engineering field. Computer engineering deals with the design, development, testing, and evaluation of components, systems, and networks. It provides society with many critical utilities.

2016-17 Number of speakers: 21

2016-17 Budget: $20,000

The first edition of the Cyber-Physical Systems Seminar Series was especially active in 2016. Visitors from industry and leading universities participated in the Spring as part of class EE 598. Even more talks will be scheduled for Fall of 2017.

2016-17 Number of speakers: 34

2016-17 Budget: $10,000

This series hosts researchers to cover topics related to integrated circuits, systems, and related devices in the context of diverse applications including communication, computation, networking, sensing and imaging. Speakers from academia and industry covered topics related to brain-inspired integrated circuits for computation and communications, silicon integrated circuits, and high-speed integrated transceivers.

2016-17 Number of speakers: 13

2016-17 Budget: $10,000

This series features lecturers from leading universities and medical institutions in the US and abroad on all topics related to the various aspects of medical imaging.

2016-17 Number of speakers: 9

2016-17 Budget: $13,000 (continuing to run on funds from 2015-16)

This series aims to expose students to cutting-edge research in the field of nanotechnology. In 2016-17, leaders in academia and industrial research institutes shared their most recent achievement in the diverse field of nanoscale materials, devices and systems.

2016-17 Number of speakers: 16

2016-17 Budget: $15,000

MHI Semniars

Developed in the Fall of 2016, this series focuses on inviting speakers from the industry to do technical sharing from the industry side. Speakers and EE students get to exchange ideas and brainstorm solutions. This year, industry speakers are from VMWare, Google and Uber.

Upcoming Events:

Speech Processing and Conversational AI – A Peek into the Startup Scene

Diversity in Hollywood – Driving Change Through Analytics

The EE Pioneer Seminar Series focuses its attention on the stories and journeys of the many faculty who have been a crucial part of the growth and evolution of the EE Department over the last several decades. This year’s EE Pioneer series was a joint effort with the Viterbi Remarkable Trajectory Lecture Series to honor Dr. George Bekey.
The Emerging Trends Seminar Series features Electrical Engineering faculty member sharing his/her recent work. The series focuses on looking inward and courage the EE department to learn from our own fellow faculty members and explore the great researches on campus. This year the faculty learned from Prof. Jay Kuo and Prof. Kai Hwang.