Supported Seminars

The Ming Hsieh Institute continues to provide support for the below innovative seminar series that show continued success by positive attendance and collaborations. These series target high quality academia and industry speakers that present the latest ground breaking research in their related field.

In addition to well established seminars, the current scholars developed the Ph.D. Student Seminar Series in fall 2012 to improve and foster a tight-knit community among electrical engineering students. The ultimate goal for the seminar series is to establish new student-level collaborations among different research groups in the department. Students benefit by giving talks to a broad audience which train them for job interviews, qualifying exams and other research talks.


Upcoming Seminars

Upcoming Seminars



Design and analysis of communication networks, including next-generation Internet, cooperative wireless networks, optical networks, cognitive radio systems, sensor networks and mobile-based sensing, vehicular networks, underwater networks, and social networks.

Ming Hsieh Institute Seminar Series on Communication, Networks and Systems
Organizers: Rahul Jain and Ashutosh Nayyar
Sponsored: Spring 2011 – present
CommNets is a weekly seminar that brings together faculty and students in communications, networks and controls (and sometimes signal processing and electro-physics as well) with common interests.

Computation & Devices

This thrust focuses on materials, devices, technologies, architectures, and computer tools towards realization energy-efficient, fast, and reliable computation systems beyond Moore’s Law in 2020. Examples include quantum engineering and quantum information processing.

Ming Hsieh Institute Seminar Series on Integrated Systems 

Organizer: Hossein Hashemi
Sponsored: Spring 2011 – present
Integrated Systems Seminar Series hosts speakers from academia and industry to come to USC to give a talk on various aspects related in Integrated Systems, Circuits, and Devices

Ming Hsieh Institute Seminar Series on Quantum Information
Organizers: Daniel Lidar, Todd Brun and Ben Reichardt
Sponsored: Spring 2012 – present
The USC Quantum Information Seminar Series hosts speakers from around the world presenting the latest ground breaking research in quantum information theory and experiments. Quantum information seminars are co-hosted weekly with the condensed matter physics group, to promote interactions at the intersection of both of these lively fields.

Ming Hsieh Institute Seminar Series on Nano Material and Devices
Organizers: Han Wang, Stephen Cronin, Chongwu Zhou, Wei Wu
Sponsored: Spring 2014 – present
Nano Material and Device Seminar Series aim to expose students to the cutting-edge research in
nanotechnology field. Speakers from academia and industry are invited to share their most recent
achievements in nanotech area. These seminar series would be a great mean to bring together students,
familiarize undergraduate students with state-of-the-art research and provide industry links to students. The topics, which are aimed to be covered, include: nano-photonics, emerging 2D materials, nano-materials for energy applications, semiconductor nano-crystals for storage applications, nano-patterning, carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanowires and plasmonic nanoparticles.


Research and development in devices, signals and systems targeting critical problems in biology and biomedicine with scientific and translational impact on human health and well being.

Ming Hsieh Seminar Series on Medical Imaging 
Organizers: Krishna S. Nayak (Coordinator), Richard Leahy, Justin Haldar, Houchun Hu
Sponsored: Spring 2012 – present
Biomedical imaging has had and continues to have a major impact on our understanding of health, disease, and the inner workings of the human body. This is an area of great strength in our EE department, and is closely linked to multiple NAE grand challenges (advance health informatics, reverse-engineer the brain). We request support from MHI to initiate a new weekly seminar series at USC focused on imaging.

Cross-Cutting Activities

Activities and programs that seek to enhance the intellectual and social life of the department to benefit faculty and students in the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, with the objective to attract and retain the best talents, build an energetic academic environment, and increase visibility.

Ming Hsieh Institute Seminar Series on Electrical Engineering Entrepreneurship 
Organizers: MHI Ph.D. Scholars Moh Amer, Kartik Audhkhasi, Hao Huang, Osonde Osoba, Daphney-Stavroula Zois
Sponsored: Fall 2012 – present
The PhD Student Seminar Series is organized by the 2012-2013 MHI Ph.D. Scholars and is aimed at improving interaction and fostering a tight-knit community among EE Ph.D. students. The ultimate goal is to establish new student-level collaborations among different research groups in the department. PhD Students will benefit by giving talks to a broad audience which train them for job interviews, qualifying exams, and other research talks. This bi-weekly seminar will provide an informal environment where presenters will give a 20 minute talk about their research topics and get feedback from their fellow students.

Past supported seminars:
Industry Seminar Series
Organizer: Bhaskar Krishnamachari
Sponsored: Spring 2012
The Industry Seminar Series provides an opportunity for Ph.D. & M.S. students in electrical engineering and computer science to learn about working as a professional engineer from someone in the industry including Q&A and interactive discussions.

Photonic Devices and Systems Seminar
Organizer: Michelle Povinelli
Sponsored: Spring 2011
The purposes of the seminar are to 1) expose our Ph.D. students to cutting-edge research from outside USC, 2) encourage interaction between USC faculty, staff, and students working in photonics, and 3) boost the visibility of the USC photonics effort on the national level, as visiting speakers have the chance to meet our faculty and tour our labs.