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Electrical Engineering Pioneer Series

Join us for a brand new series that showcases members of our very own USC Electrical Engineering Faculty! These talks will not only offer a technical presentation from faculty, but more importantly will feature an oral history interview. These series of interviews will capture the inspiring journeys and stories of the many individuals who have helped shape and develop our department. We kick off this series with a technical talk and interview with Fred H. Cole Professor of Engineering, Robert Scholtz, PhD!

Robert Scholtz
Robert A. Scholtz, PhD
Friday, May 2, 2014 – EEB 132 – 11:30 a.m.

Synchronization Dreams
The Reflections of Bob Scholtz
Fred H. Cole Professor of Engineering

Beginning with a bizarre adventure from the “biography” of Secret Agent 00111, selected applications of synchronization to digital communication systems are revealed in a quasi-technical, quasi-historical fashion. Learn about the structure of comma-free codes, what characterizes a spread-spectrum system and how spreading and de-spreading systems are related to synchronization, thoughts about communication jamming, adaptation, and randomization, etc. Shakespeare, a science-fiction writer, a Holy Roman Emperor, a movie star, a bookshelf, and several USC faculty can be spotted along the way. This talk will conclude with some applications of synchronization to antenna systems (that is, if we can synchronize this presentation to the allotted time!)

Friday, May 2, 2014 – EEB 132
11:30am Introduction & Welcome
11:35am Synchronization of Dreams – The Reflections of Bob Scholtz, Fred H. Cole Professor of Engineering
12:20pm Break
12:30pm Bob Scholtz in Conversation with Urbashi Mitra
1:30pm Reception – Light Refreshments to be served

Robert (Bob) A. Scholtz, PhD Technical Presentation –
“Synchronization Dreams”

Robert (Bob) A. Scholtz, PhD In Conversation with Urbashi Mitra, PhD