Integrated Circuits and Systems deals with integrated realization of complex functions on small chips.  Current research in this area includes integrated circuits for biomedical implantable systems; biological-inspired integrated circuits; integrated circuits for computation, communication, sensing, and actuation; radio-frequency, microwave, and millimeter-wave integrated systems for wireless communication; analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits; integrated circuits using new devices and technologies; and hybrid integrated systems with electrical, optical, acoustic, chemical, and mechanical features and functions.

Topic Areas

  • Adaptive Filters and Amplifiers
  • Coupling and Interconnect Parasitics
  • High Performance Active and Passive Monolithic Filters
  • Hybrid Analog / Digital Circuits
  • Low Distortion Power Amplifiers
  • Multimedia Microchips and Systems
  • Neural Probe Arrays
  • Neural Network Architecture and Algorithms
  • Smart Camera Circuitry
  • Two Dimensional Vision Chips
  • VLSI Signal Processing and Computing


Research Centers and Labs