Electrical Engineers Do It All

No other discipline is as broad or influences as wide a range of technologies as Electrical Engineering. More than just circuit and chip design, Electrical Engineers at USC lead the way in fields such as Machine Learning, Brain Imaging, Quantum Technology, and Speech and Language Processing.

The research we do has a profound impact on everything from medicine, to energy efficiency, to communication and cellular technology – and so much more. In our department you’ll find a place to nurture your creativity, work with amazing new tools, and be exposed to exciting technology.

What Is Electrical Engineering?

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Electrical Engineering and the Brain

Studying more than engineering makes for better engineers

Electrical Engineering and Smartphones

Our community is unique and groundbreaking… plus we have the beach!

Electrical Engineering and Green Energy

Engineering problems exist in the real world, and our obligation is to help solve them, in real time.


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The Seemingly Eternal Abyss of PhD Candidacy

There is a reason professors with PhD students are called “advisors”. We have a responsibility beyond just making sure our students gain technical knowledge. We must also help them navigate the emotional and professional challenges of life as a PhD student.

Electrical Engineering: My Window into a Diverse World

As a polymath, I chose engineering because it was the best lens through which to understand many things I’m passionate about: community, problem-solving, math, music, fitness, physics, technology, and more.

Learning from Unsolvable Problems – My Time With Sol Golomb

Sol Golomb’s final PhD student shares what it was like to work with the brilliant engineer.

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USC and Georgia Tech Receive $ 6.8 Million for DARPA Project

Researchers to develop software for real-time graph data analysis ‘at edge of the internet’

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Turning Data into Power

Three EE Professors Receive $4.2M DARPA Grant to Solve Dispersed Computing

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USC to Lead IARPA Quantum Computing Project

Initiative to build machine 10,000 times faster than classical computers

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