Progressive Degree Program

The Progressive Degree Program (PDP) gives continuing USC undergraduates another path to earning a Master’s degree from USC.  Exceptional undergraduate students completing an EE or related major can apply for the Progressive Degree Program.  If admitted, students have the option to start graduate-level classes during their senior year and request a reduction in the units required for the Master’s degree, which allows students to earn the M.S. with one or two additional semesters of study.  The Progressive Degree Program must be completed within six years of a student’s first undergraduate college course, whether taken at USC or in transfer.

In the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, the Progressive Degree Program is available only for the following degrees: MSEE, MSCENG, MSFINE

MSEE Requirements – 18 units min. – 6 courses

Six 500 level advisor approved courses in EE and/or one course from CSCI.

MSCENG Requirements – 18 units min. – 6 courses

Six 500 level advisor approved computer engineering courses in EE and/or CSCI, including having taken three 400 level Computer Engineering courses as an undergraduate.  In addition, students must take three area courses listed in the general MSCENG program in the catalog. 

MSFINE Requirements – 24 units min. – 7 courses + DR

Required course work:
EE 503, EE 518, EE 512, GSBA 548, ISE 563 or FBE 559 and EE 590 or ENGR 596

One course from:
Finance, Business, Economics Area and

One course from:
Optimization, Simulation, Stochastic Systems

Information about the Progressive Degree Program and application instructions can be found on the USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s website:

Interested students should review the above mentioned materials in detail and make an appointment with their departmental Academic Advisor to discuss their eligibility, the application process, and the required course plan.