MHI-Scholar Application

MHI PhD Scholar Application

Deadline: Monday August 21, 2017 by midnight

To aid in career development, MHI Ph.D. Scholars will receive:

  • Mentorship and recommendations from department faculty
  • $3000 cash award
  • $1,500 toward funds for travel to give talks at other institutions where they can develop collaborations, increase visibility and receive feedback on their work
  • $5,000 workshop funds (opportunity to build a network in your area of research through organizing and hosting a workshop)
  • Recognition as an MHI Ph.D. Scholar on all MHI publications (eg. MHI web site, event materials etc)
  • Exposure and valuable experience by playing leadership roles in the department and at annual events


MHI Ph.D. Scholars are encouraged to:

  • Serve as leaders at MHI-organized functions such as the annual research festival, annual retreat and other department meetings and events
  • Act as a student liaison in the department and provide information and content on current student research and developments so they can be included on the MHI website and in publications
  • Form student committees and/or seminars to enhance department research


Student Application Instructions:

  • Students should submit a 1-page summary indicating why they would like to be an MHI Ph.D. Scholar and how their past leadership roles will assist them in being beneficial to MHI, and the larger EE community
  • Submit CV


All MHI Ph.D. Scholar applicants will be selected through a two-phase process by a faculty evaluation committee. A group of 8-10 finalists will be selected in the initial phase and will be required to provide a letter of reference from their advisor and orally present their research to the selection committee in mid-September, 2016.
From this group of finalists, 3-5 students will be selected to represent the department and MHI as Ming Hsieh Institute Ph.D. Scholars. The 2017-18 MHI Ph.D. Scholars will be announced and start their term in September 2017.

Fill out an online application here.

If you have any questions please contact Cathy Huang at

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MHI Ph.D. Scholar Information: 

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